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7 Tips for Stellar Website Design

Oct 11 , 2017

A website’s design is just as important as its content. Readers are quick to judge, and it only takes a second to decide whether they love or despise the look of a website. 

To ensure loyal, happy, and engaged readers, here are seven suggestions for creating a stellar website design:

1)      Balance. Overloading your website with text leaves your reader swimming in information, and bombarding them with photographs muddles the focus. Finding a healthy balance between information and creativity is crucial to keeping your reader lingering. Remember: simple is always better. A short and sweet webpage will trump one trying to wow you with 12 different colours, three fonts, and photos of kittens

2)      Placement. Which is your most important piece of information, the one that should receive the most traffic? Which is the most stimulating visual? Make these visible at the top of your email.

3)      Photo Quality. Use high-resolution photographs, and make sure they are relevant and intriguing. Do not pair a photograph of a jar of peanut butter on a website advertising printer paper. It is crucial that photographs match the text.

4)      Colours. Picking the right colours is a subtle way to make reading your website a more pleasurable experience. A complementary colour scheme (pairing colours on opposite sides of the colour spectrum) or monochromatic (variations of one colour) are two common colour palettes.

5)      Font. You might be surprised at how difficult choosing a font can be. This task, although seemingly simple, can take hours, even days. Choosing a font that matches your brand is paramount to creating a successful website. It is also important to only use one or two fonts, at most (one for the body copy, and one for headlines.) Using multiple fonts can look disorganized, tacky, and unprofessional.

6)      Easy Navigation. In the case of website navigation, less is always more. Simplify your readers’ experience by removing excessive drop-down menus and links to other pages on the site. Keep your tabs simple—one word or two— and to the point. There is nothing more frustrating than getting lost one click into a website. 

7)      Ad Integration. Think of your website as a thick-paged, heavy, beautiful print magazine, in which advertisements are part of the experience. Try to avoid pop-up ads and anything that might interfere with your visitor’s reading pleasure. Also be sure your ads match the specific topic of your webpage.

 There are many things to consider when designing your website. Although the content is important, little details like colour, font, and placement can make a world of difference.

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