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Invitation Design

Invitation Design

Are you looking for a custom and memorable design for your invitation? Do you want invitations that are impossible to decline? You’ve come to the right place. KKP can help you create the perfect invitation for any occasion.

Whether you are hosting a corporate conference or a party, celebrating a birthday, a wedding, a baby or just trying to organize a fun get together for family and friends, KKP can design the perfect invitations to set the tone for your any type of event.

The KKP team will customize a template for your invitation, including all the necessary details for the occasion. If you have something specific in mind or a vague idea of what you want your invitation design to look like, we can help. Our designers will be able to customize your invitations from scratch to guarantee you get the results you are looking for. Getting one-of-a-kind invitations to impress your guests before the event is what we do best.

KKP’s invitation card design and printing services are great for small and medium-sized businesses. Highlight your brand with personalized invitations that match your corporate identity. KKP will be able to handle your invitation design process from start to finish. We offer a big variety of paper stocks and finishes. Get the results and the look you want, at an affordable price.

We have a talented team of designers ready to take on any project. We work hard to deliver original and inspiring results. If you are not sure where to start, reach out to us to discuss your options.

With KKP, you can get unique and custom invitations for every occasion. From classic to casual designs, our sophisticated tools work for any type of invitation.

  • · Save the Date: Invite your guest to your wedding celebration with a customized save the date invitation card personalized for your day.
  • · Corporate Conference Invitations: Draw a crowd with an effective conference invitation that matches your company’s branding.
  • · Anniversary Invitations: Anniversaries are always a big deal. We can customize your anniversary invitation to match the occasion.
  • · Wedding Invitations: We understand how important and special a wedding invitation design is and we can help you customize specially for the two of you on your day.
  • · Wedding Shower Invitations: If you are planning a memorable wedding shower for someone close to you, you probably have a lot of work in your hands Let us help you with invitations tat will be customized to match occasion.
  • · Birth Announcements: Make this very special announcement with a beautifully designed invitation. We can add any images you would like and customize it to your taste.
  • · Birthday Invitations: You may think sending out birthday invitations is not something people do anymore, but you would be surprised. Celebrate in style with a personalized birthday invitation design for this special day.
  • · Party Invitations: Are you planning a big party? The best way to guarantee you will have as many guests as possible is with an invitation they won’t be able to decline.
  • · For any other occasion: We can customize the invitation for any type of event, our team will always step up to the occasion.


'Working on a high exposure project such as the refection of the a bridge, we need partners that can follow the pace and deliver the merchandise at a few moments notice. In collaboration with Imad, we were able to develop and establish a printing product that was used directly on the bridge structure ensuring quality control. KKP can be trusted to respect the tight delivery dates and maintain a high quality product that is precise. The success of such a project can only be achieved in a team effort and KKP is part of this team.'
-Francis Courrier, Senior Design Coordinator
Canam Group Inc
KKP Montréal est sans aucun doute un fournisseur en impression fiable, efficace et très professionnel. Imad a à cœur la satisfaction de ses clients, et à plusieurs fois dépassé nos attentes. Au nom des Propriétés Atwater, je tiens à remercier KKP pour leur excellent travail
-Michelle-Eve Pilon, Coordonnatrice communication & marketing
Atwater Properties