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QR Code Generation

QR code generation

Step up your marketing strategy with QR codes!

Enhance your marketing campaigns with trackable Quick Response codes, commonly known as QR Codes.  These codes are a type of barcode matrix designed to be read and interpreted by machines. They contain relevant information about the object they are attached to and often redirect to a relevant designated website.

KKP can help your business stay ahead of the game with QR codes. With the rise of mobile usage, QR codes represent untapped opportunities to improve your brand’s experience and engage potential customers. Big brands have already started investing money and effort in maximizing their marketing potential.

QR codes can be found everywhere. Marketers have started using them to facilitate payments, connect with customers, and link products to websites. All types of businesses are implementing QR codes as part of their marketing strategy, from the manufacturing industry to the service industry. These codes are preprogrammed and used in a variety of ways to market your products and services. Use these codes to connect and even track the behavior of your customers. They can be easily shared with others through:

·         Mobile Messaging

·         Emails

·         App Downloads

·         Product Packaging

·         Printed Ads

·         Direct Mail

·         Printed Marketing Collateral

Use our QR code services to provide information or promotional coupons to your customers!

Customized QR codes are affordable and a great option for businesses. Ask our experts how you can start using QR codes to connect your clients to a website, promotional page, or special offers. Place these codes on your business cards, products, marketing collateral, or ads.

The possibilities are endless, and there are many benefits to using QR codes.


-          They hold more information than a barcode: Thanks to the 2D design they can hold over 2000 characters of information. This makes them ideal for storing messages and URLs.

-          They have built-in error checking systems: Unlike barcodes even if part of the code is partly damaged most machines will be able to detect its pattern and make it possible to access the information stored in the code.

-          They are easy to read: Most smartphones now come with built-in QR readers connected to the phone’s camera. This makes QR codes accessible to everyone.

-          They are easy to share: You can share QR codes through most electronic devices as an image. This means you can even send them via text from one mobile phone to another.

-          They are secure: There are safety capabilities that can be added to the QR code to encrypt information and protect it.

-          They are trackable: If you want to be able to track the online behavior and conversions your website is getting from QR codes, you can easily do this by linking the QR code to your websites Google Analytics account.

Ask KKP how your business can effectively implement QR Codes!

If you have any questions about QR Codes contact our experts.  We have experience helping businesses in different industries seamlessly integrate these codes as part of their marketing strategy.  To find out how we can help you make a difference, contact us. Let our KKP creative team help!


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