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Remove duplicate names and undeliverable addresses from your mail list for greater efficiency

Before you send out your next direct mail campaign, make sure your distribution list is as effective — and as cost efficient — as it can be with KKP’s database cleansing service. Why? Consider the condition of the “house file” or customer database maintained by many businesses.

Over time, it’s easy to duplicate names. “John J. Smith” may appear in one entry, “J. J. Smith” in another and “Mr. & Mrs. John J. Smith” in yet a third. Addresses also may be out of date or incorrectly entered, therefore becoming undeliverable by Canada Post.

Many marketers also like to purchase mailing lists from others to extend the reach of their campaigns. KKP can help you acquire a list of prospects with interests and demographics that closely match those of your best customers. Of course, there’s likely to be some overlap on the purchased or rented mailing list, too.

Whether working with your own database, an acquired mailing list, or merging both, rely on KKP. Our list cleansing or “deduping” mail marketing service helps ensure that you’re not mailing to — and paying for — multiple mailers to the same target.

Simply hand over your customer database as an Excel spreadsheet, CSV or text file and we’ll cleanse it of duplicate names and incomplete addresses. We’ll also format the data in a file that’s most efficient for addressing and mailing. Experts in all aspects of direct mail, KKP can even take care of the design, printing and mail preparation for you — right up to and including delivering your completed campaign to Canada Post!


KKP Montréal est sans aucun doute un fournisseur en impression fiable, efficace et très professionnel. Imad a à cœur la satisfaction de ses clients, et à plusieurs fois dépassé nos attentes. Au nom des Propriétés Atwater, je tiens à remercier KKP pour leur excellent travail
-Michelle-Eve Pilon, Coordonnatrice communication & marketing
Atwater Properties
'Working on a high exposure project such as the refection of the a bridge, we need partners that can follow the pace and deliver the merchandise at a few moments notice. In collaboration with Imad, we were able to develop and establish a printing product that was used directly on the bridge structure ensuring quality control. KKP can be trusted to respect the tight delivery dates and maintain a high quality product that is precise. The success of such a project can only be achieved in a team effort and KKP is part of this team.'
-Francis Courrier, Senior Design Coordinator
Canam Group Inc