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According to a traffic congestion study performed by Inrix, Canada's cities ranked as the most traffic-congested places across the globe. This study also revealed on average, Canadians spend 27 hours in traffic. Since this study was made, the government has made a lot of efforts to evaluate and help improve traffic congestion. These efforts have included investing more money in sustainable public transportation, increasing active transportation routes, and building more road infrastructure.

While all these have helped Canadians with their commute times, spending a lot of time on the road continues to be a big part of the daily life for most Canadians. This is why vehicle graphics continue to be a great opportunity for businesses of all sizes. This effective marketing and advertising strategy is a great way to target and capture local audiences, gain brand visibility, and increase recognition.

The cost of a vehicle graphic will vary depending on its size and complexity, but it's significantly a low-cost and effective investment compared to other types of advertising. If you'd like to turn your vehicle into a powerful mobile billboard for your business, consider these popular options:

Logos and Lettering: If you are just looking for people to see and remember the name of your business, use a window decal or a vehicle body graphic with your name and logo. These can be easily applied to a back window or door panel. They can be as simple as you need them to be or include colors, promotional messages, and contact information. The best part is they are with your company name, contact information, and logo. Want to change your message? They are easy to remove.

Car Magnets: Does your business offer seasonal services or promotions? Does your company car do double-duty for personal use, too? Consider repositionable magnets. You get a custom treatment that can be removed and reused multiple times or switched out for a second business or product line.

Partial Wrap: A partial wrap with bold graphics can help your business stand out in a sea of vehicles with solids colors. These wraps cover less than 75% of your vehicle's surface. They are not exclusive to cars; you can also use them on boats, bikes, golf carts, and any other vehicle.

Full vehicle Wrap: For greater visual impact, get your whole vehicle wrapped. If you are looking to represent your brand and show off your colors, a professionally installed wrap can help give your business legitimacy. Full wraps can include window graphics made with special vinyl to allow visibility.

Since we all spend our fair share of time on the road, it's almost a wasted opportunity if you are not taking advantage of vehicle graphics to promote your business. When you consider the opportunities to share your company name, website, phone number, and service specialties with thousands of potential customers 24/7, it almost makes traffic congestion and back-ups a little more bearable.

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