Include Print in the Mix


Include Print in the Mix

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With the unprecedented changes companies have had to face in 2020, there is a sense of uncertainty on what to expect next year. However, as we approach to the last month of 2020, businesses across Canada are starting to plan their marketing strategies for next year.

While it may seem like everything has gone digital, marketing experts know the most successful campaigns always combine multiple channels to reach their audience at different stages of their purchase journey. Even though consumer behavior has rapidly changed this year due to the pandemic, one traditional strategy that continues to provide outstanding business results is print marketing.

Why Print is Still Important to your Growing Business

There is no doubt that digital is the way to go when it comes to things like social media, blogging, a website, and SEO. They are all must-haves to any business. This being said, print is again becoming the choice of many companies – not only for their stationery and everyday business needs but also for the marketing needs – reverting to good old - direct mail, to help their business grow. 

There are many viable reasons to keep print in your business mix, and we have outlined a few below:

Vintage Is In!

Many may say that print is old and outdated, but vintage is very in right now! Anything that is seen as “traditional” can be new and exciting for a lot of the younger demographic. People get saturated with digital and mobile advertising daily, so much that it becomes a blur, and it’s refreshing to receive a direct mail card… it’s something that reaches more than just the visual senses; it reaches the touch senses and possibly even the smell sense.

Tangibility is Still Valued

Brochures, postcards, mailers, and other types of printed materials are physical items. People tend to save these items and keep them for months or even years after they are received. Being able to hold the physical version of any form of information makes it more credible. This helps build trust with your target audience, which is harder to accomplish with digital marketing.

Recognized Branding

Given a choice, most consumers will choose a brand they recognize. This is because of its familiarity, and that is why having your brand displayed in multiple media channels (digital, social, TV, radio, and print) is crucial.  A great way to help your customers and prospects remember your brand is with print; this is why business cards are still vital for executives and entrepreneurs.

Create visibility Within your Markets

Everyone is focusing on the digital side (as they should), but where is your competition? Are they in the magazines or your customer’s mailboxes? If they’re not, then that is where you need to make a touchpoint and why print could be crucial to your business. Make yourself stand out from your competition.

At the end of the day, digital marketing is critical to every business. As a profitable business, you must have a great website and a solid social media strategy. Having said that, don’t turn your back on print. You’ll never know what kind of markets you’re missing out on!

Need help figuring out the best way to use print for your 2021 marketing campaigns? Contact your local KKP for assistance.

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